VAT Accounting

Value Added Tax (VAT) is charged at each step of your supply chain. The consumers need to pay the VAT cost while Business collect and account for the tax. If you’re looking for VAT related help in UAE, could be your most sought after partner in this regard. Being an established accounting service provider, our experts are here to help your businesses to get ready for the value added tax. The newly launched tax is basically a consumption tax and applies on most goods and services.

Though VAT implementation is a new tax system in UAE, it is widely accepted in different parts of the world. It is to note that more than 150 countries are already following the value added tax system. We believe the decision to implement VAT would cause exemplar shift in the business crescendos of the nation as well as the region. Similar to most of the countries across the world, businesses in the Gulf region also will now have to adhere to stringent VAT regulatory and statutory compliances and report the same on a periodic basis. The challenge for the business community in the Gulf will be to understand the new VAT Law and implement the same well before the due date.